Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Brush Your Face.

A coughing Burger.
Seeing my most favorite tag whilst peeing (in a toilet!) after a cold beer.
Both are things I love in this life.

I read an amazing article about psychedelics as treatment for end of life cancer patients and it really flipped my wig. Sure it made me sad, but not because of the cancer stuff.
What made me sad was how these people were able to move past the fear of death by having these very powerful, amazing trips that gave them a sense that this life is only one thing, one drop in a bucket that doesn't amount to much compared to all of the other things that are out there in the universe waiting for us to experience and that this knowledge that they came across was not freely available to all of us.
Unless we want to break some dumb law put in place by some suit a long time ago who was afraid of change.

Our brains are amazing, and there is so much potential in there. And we own that.
Collectively pooling our brain power could produce so much good in the world.
Anything that can help us access deeper parts of our brains, our consciousness I am all for.

There was a doctor talking about how these drug treatments were so much better for everyone, even the insurance companies because the patients, after having this life changing experience were less concerned about clinging to life in a hospital and more concerned with making their lives count for something while they could. These people came back from their trips content and at peace, and okay with death because they didn't see it as the end.
An end, not the end.

I realized that the idea of going off into my brain and coming back a different person scared the shit out of me.
But so does the prospect of dying in a cold hospital bed that will be occupied by some other dying soul as soon as I am gone.

So what really made me sad here was that these drugs are not more readily available to people that have nothing to look forward to but mounting hospital bills and an inconsolable fear.
It reminds me, again, of this:

The state that we are in is full of people trying to get theirs at the expense of anyone else and it makes me sad/sick.

I wish we could just calm down and focus.

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