Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day.

Today at the Union Square there was a big protest with a march planned to boycott how the people in charge have basically been taking advantage of how things have been ever since the first ships set sail from Spain or France or whatever.
The kids and I were just trying to chill in the park and all we could hear was people screaming through megaphones and shit.
That and Burger's cough were the only audible things in the whole park.
In that whole section of city practically.
And there were Police everywhere as well.
So naturally THAT sucked.

You just want to drink your tea, or eat your bagel or whatever and then you got some cop watching you making you feel nervous and guilty for something you haven't even done, just because of how their eyes look with that badge and stupid hat they always wear.

Know what I'm saying?

Anyways, tomorrow is a new day, and today is almost over.

I fucking love you guys.

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