Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The FInal Countdown.

Somewhere between the mess in the back and the mess in the front lies a raccoon waiting to pounce!
Can you see that raccoon?
We gotta leave that raccoon behind, there is no room in the storage facility for it.
If there were though...

There will be plenty of raccoons this summer for Burger to spy.
Raccoons, fish, deer and cows.
All of them wild, and thirsty for blood!!

Oh my lord it is a mess in this house.
YOu know how people will have those little signs that ask you to "Bless this mess"?
Well our mess feels blessed by some type of witch doctor, or crazy shaman.
Every object moved unleashes some emotional spirit, some hidden memory that makes it almost impossible to proceed at the proper pace needed to pack away our belongings for the summer and get ready for the eventual shift in apartments that we had been optimistically avoiding for the past couple of years.
Yeah, it's been that long.

I told T a long time ago that we should be preparing for this, but it was easier said than done.
Meaning it was easier for me to say it than to lead by example.
Does that make sense?

The craziest thing was packing away 7 years worth of drawings, paintings and sculptures.
Dude, why did I do this to myself!?
Must've been my inner Darger

Well, one thing that has been rather surprising is my ability to still pack a space to capacity with boxes and various odd shaped items.
Imagine playing Tetris where none of the shapes are the same dimensions or weight and you are not only working top to bottom but back to front as well and at the same time, your space is already practically full and you know that you got a whole bunch more pieces left before you are near being done.
Now imagine the world champion at this type of Tetris.

You just imagined me.

I am killing it with the links tonight!
Thanks, beer.

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