Sunday, May 06, 2012

Wit er Witout.

Oh come with me dear casual blog reader, come with me down the lane of memories.
It doesn't seem like a year ago, but this was a year ago, almost.
Through a beautiful summer, a splendid fall and a winter so mild it almost doesn't even count as winter.
Then the spring, and here we are, about to burst forward into another summer and where am I now?
What have I done?
What have I got to show for myself!?

This last year, being home with Burger and working on my show, this was probably the best year of my NY life. And it went too fast! I want some of it back! I want more chances like this.
It is my main goal in life to give myself the time to be the person I am right now, forever.
As long as I walk this planet.

I would say that I am on the right path, but you know the thing about the path?
You know that thing about the path.
The thing I'm talking about.

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