Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ya Burnt. (Edited and Revised)

You probably can't tell but this woman doesn't give a shit about where the bread pans go.
A wok, a pint glass, a couple of salad bowls...
They all get tossed into the nearest most convenient cupboard in a very precarious tower that topples out the second I open the door.

I want to blame her for the pan of banana bread I just burnt in the oven.
But it isn't her fault.
It is Chrissie Hynde.
Kabuss of how her music was drowning out the timer downstairs.


I really wanted to eat that banana bread with my coffee in the morning.

Another thing about that sleeping beauty, she will eat burnt banana bread.
That is another thing she doesn't give a shit about.

Editor's Note: I got hollered at and bullied into removing the picture of the sleeping T for who knows what reason. You might note that I did refer to her as a sleeping beauty, but I guess that doesn't count for much. So instead I replaced it with the only other known photo of her which is of much poorer quality and from one of her lesser known yet equally panned films. I am sorry for any confusion. I only hope she unlocks the door so that I may return to my bed.

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