Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pat On The Back.

So you work hard?
Well, congratulations!
Now quit looking for everyone's approval and get back to work!!

That is what happens when you take over responsibility, or direction of a project, anytime you work hard at something, you run the risk of becoming the "hardest" worker, and when that happens people start to let you be that worker and you alone.
Pretty soon you are looking around, waiting for the others to pick up the slack but it is too late.
You did it to yourself, bro.

But all hope is not lost!
There is always time to get people back up and running, and honestly, if you got yourself into this situation, you can get yourself out of it. It just takes (you guessed it) more work.
Just catch that last, final, carrot.
Come on!!
Stick those teeth out 1/16" more....

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