Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not really, but very.

Tonight I made some green beans.
I also made some veggie meatball sandwiches.
(A friend recommended a recipe/process.)
A beer, some hot chocolate.
You know, the staples.
Later, after we both lay on the floor in delicious comas
I glanced out the window at the sunset.
It was a good one.
It was... pitch perfect.

Pinks, Blues, Oranges.
Con Trails.
Everything you could hope for.

I washed the dishes and thought about time travel.
Wondering what there would be to do if that were a possibility.
Where and when would I go, and for what?

The sun set and we cleaned up.
Then we had ice cream in the little bowls I got precisely for scoops of ice cream.
They are just about that big.
The soft sounds of Jazz.

Now I am alone, floating in my thoughts.
Thankful for everything.
Every single thing.

I have what I want, and I am okay with that.
Even though it is a lot of work.
What else am I gonna do with my time?

And then, just like that.
Jim calls.
And the clouds clear, and laughter rings out.

Says Jim "You can't blow up your cake and eat it too."

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  1. Love reading what you write. Thanks for sharing.


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