Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You Got Me.

Have you ever tried to find daycare or a PreK Program for your child in Brooklyn?
Holy crap this is some crazy stuff.
Maybe it is like this everywhere, but somehow I picture it so much easier back in Wisconsin.
Big surprise.
Just like everything else here it is competitive and no one else's problem but your own.
I mean, I appreciate the honesty I am getting, but after a while I would just like people to soften the truth a little bit.
Instead it is just over and over with the phone calls and waiting lists and recommendations to apply for next year.
How can that possibly be of any help to me right now?
Next year, like all of a sudden I am going to start planning a few years out like all the other parent's that are happily dropping their children off at school in order to return home for a few extra hours of sleep, a second breakfast and then maybe a movie or a jog around the park which are all things I imagine parents doing when I see them leaving the schools with those big shit eating grins on their faces.
Yeah, I'm on to them.
How I yearn to join their ranks.

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