Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sound the Conch!!

Some people are on a wavelength.
Right? Similar ones, wavelengths, that vibrate out into weird parts of the universe.
It is a blessing when you are open to these people and you actually meet one, or a few.
They are good to know.
They are the ones that will stay with you through this life and probably the next couple.
As long as you want to be around each other I mean.
They don't even need to be physically present.
The Universe can be a big place, so it wouldn't make sense to expect them to be around always.
That doesn't mean they don't have your back.

The hammer falls, the chord is struck, and out goes the vibrational call.
The conch is lifted to the mouth of an intergalactic messenger and...

A friend said I was in her dream and there was mud and healing involved.
Did I feel any better today?
Well, shit, now that she mentioned it, yes I did.
I got all that sleep I was telling you guys about.
Who cares!

I believe.
I believe.

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