Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot Toddying Around.

It's cold here now. 
Wet, cold wind.
Not here in the picture, but here in my head.
Outside it is actually quite nice.
Not really though.
It is like I said.

I was in line at the airport and I remembered too late that I had my pocket tool on my belt.
I was all like
I asked the security guy if it was really that big of a deal?
Of course he says "yes" and acts like he should Taser me just for asking.
So of course then I just wanted to kick his shins and make a break for it.
Run Burger RUUUN!!!

Instead it had to go in the "trash" which really means into his pocket.
What a fucker. I know he was just doing his job.
But the way that he said I had to toss it...
I could just tell he really enjoyed that part of his job.
Which I can't fault him for.

One time I denied a customer her latte because she wanted to pay with a Canadian nickel.
I was like "Oh HELL no" and this was after I had already made her drink.
The rules are the rules, right?


Since everything is connected, I just reminded myself that it was no big deal.
I had a great time in Wisconsin, and this was just a way of paying my dues I guess.
So, there you go Universe, you're welcome.
Besides, even though it was a really nice pocket tool, it was not my favorite of all time.
This one was very heavy.
I actually had to wear a belt.

Soon another pocket tool will find it's way into my pocket/

Whatever, pass it on bro.
The past is the past and all that.

How are you doing?
I mean, how are you REALLY doing?
Any awkward dinners you want to talk about?
Cold sweats of panic?
Tiny indiscretions?

Talk to me.
I'm all yours.

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