Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookie Exchange 2012.

2012 Ornament Set.

This year I got myself into a Cookie Exchange.
My Mom club friends invited me.
I had to make 7 dozen cookies and seven ornamanets.
Almost immediately I was nervous that I would somehow not get my shit done.
I couldn't figure out what to make, and I didn't know what was going
to happen with the ornament portion.

As per usual it all worked out in the end and it was all thanks to procrastination!
I ended up making Bacon Fat Ginger Snaps.
What can I say, I got a line on some free Bacon Fat.
Like they say, "When life gives you free bacon fat..."

And conveniently I had just blown a tube on my bike, so the ornaments practically made themselves!!
Most importantly, I got everything out into the proper streams just in time.
So I am all done.
That's it!
That's all!!

Nothing to do but sit back and wait for the cookies to start rolling in.

I love having a beginning, middle and end to something.
Start and finish.
It feels great to put a big check through something on your list.

Anyways, there are other things to talk about.
But that is for later.

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