Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Of The Red Variety.

The days and weeks just turn into one big gummy memory.
Or at least, they have the potential to do so.

This morning on our way to school, Burger and I stopped off for a doughnut.
It is hard to not give in when you see them steaming up the windows.
The place was crowded and we wedged ourselves into two available seats.

The older guy next to me was watching as I tried to wrangle Burger onto the stool.
Every time I'd get him situated he would twist around and scoot off.
Or he would drop his transformer toy, or almost tip over the milk tin.
This went on for what felt like an eternity and right as I was about to start grinding my teeth
the guy taps me on the shoulder and says...

"Appreciate this, it goes by so quickly."

Then he stands up, pays for his doughnut and leaves.
I watched him walk away, my salt and pepper angel, and I turn back to Burger 
who has since shoved half his doughnut into his mouth and is about to choke, crumbs mixed with drool spilling all over the counter, his giant eyes staring up at me, content and trusting.

The stranger was right.
So I took a deep breath and rubbed Burger's hair 
and started the long process of wiping off his face.


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