Wednesday, January 02, 2013

People on the River.

Knit by hand. Not my hand, but someone's.

 Remaining in the present moment is not as easy as it sounds.
Like, when you start to think about how messed up everything is?
In the world, or in the life you are living.
That stuff can weigh on one's mind and get in the way of staying in the "moment".

Something that I find helps is to make a list for the day and just focus on the list.
It is easier somehow to tackle a day than to tackle the future, the present and the past
all at one time.
That is a pretty tall order all three.
But one day at a time is actually pretty easy.

I like the sound of that; One day at a time.
I think that is a pretty good phrase and from here on out, if you ever hear anyone use it, you tell them who came up with it.
Me. I came up with it.

-moving on-

Today my list read:

I put a big fat check through all that stuff.
Then I added one last item:
-High Five Self

Which I promptly did.
See? It's F'ing simple.

All that was left was to build Legos with Burger and make dinner.
But I don't need to put that stuff on any lists.
That stuff is just life bro.

No complaints there.
I love you.

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