Thursday, January 03, 2013

Little Eyes.

Maybe you already saw this guy.
The phone rings and then all of a sudden I have a place to be today.
I have a kit and a lunch to pack.
I have a bike ride ahead of me.

But first! Some chocolate.
Because that is important.
It communicates that you are worth it.
You have to keep an open line of communication between 
you and yourself.
So if you have not already seen this a million times, 
Might I suggest you give it a looksee?

It's not that I am worried about not meeting my funding goal.
What I am worried about is that you will miss out
on being part of a special project.
That would be a heartache.

Besides, there are multiple days left.
And if you grew up watching the Green Bay Packers, you know that overcoming insurmountable odds is just another part of the job when you want to be really awesome at life.

Who could want anything more for themselves?
From Life?

I gotta pack the bike.
I got somewhere to be!!
love you guys.

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