Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Beautiful Crawl.

Wake up early.
Why am I awake so early? 
Burger has a question... it's 4 in the morning.

*...what, huh?... I'm not sure if all sharks have teeth, I think so... go back to sleep.

I rub his back until I think he is snoring.
Then I go back to bed and have the craziest dream about mountain climbers, kites and the long walk down the mountain.

Wake up again, slightly later but still early.
Not early enough to leave the boat in an orderly fashion, but I do remember to take the garbage on my way out. Life Points.

Burger seems better, he's been sick lately.
I worry about it, but then this morning he is fine, so no more worrying.
Only moving.
Go! Go! GO!

Drop off at school. 
Run to class.
Hugs and kisses and he promises me a hug when he sees me later.
How the heck is he so sweet?
I ponder this as I race over to work.
Work on the blue truck.
Waste 20 minutes looking for parking.
Find a spot that seems too good to be true.
Later my coworkers tell me it is too good to be true.
So we swing back and I move the car and then we all sigh.

The day flies by at a leisurely pace.
Before I know it, I'm done.
The time on the clock doesn't match the time in my head.

Go grab Burger.
Laugh all the way home about a joke that he can't remember.
Find perfect "princess parking" and then head up to the boat.

Dinner is Grilled Cheese, Salad w Mango and Carrots. 
Also Mint Tea.

Quickly do the dishes.

Then it's Lego Time and this is where I truly shine.
This makes the whole day slow to a beautiful crawl.
I turn on the Jazz and we just groove with the bricks.
Mental note: Make time for Lego Time every day.
Jazz is optional.

In a whirl it is a shower, the brushing of teeth 
and then I toss him up into bed.
Read some books and lights out and then, what?
A scoop of ice cream?
Some light reading?

Mentally prepare to do it all over tomorrow.
Somehow this seems to be the most difficult item on the list.
But so far I always get it done.

Love you guys.

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