Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Lesser of Two Mountains

I was talking to Jim the other day. 
My good friend Jim. 
I was telling him about the eerie similarities between myself and John Lennon. 
Most notably our shared disdain for "bad vibes". 
Bad Vibes. 
Who has the time?

I feel like I spend an awful lot of time trying to keep positive above the bad vibes that seem to constantly swirl around me on the job. 
It could be the city, the snow, the retrograded mercury. 
Whether it is any of these things is irrelevant because they're all just excuses. 

Burger likes this song about how all the world needs is love. 
I love that he listens to this song. 
He is at a stage where he is figuring things out in this world. 
And this is something that I want for him to believe. 
Because this is how it starts. 
He wholeheartedly believes in everything.
And so, while this is still the case, I'm not going to step in and teach him otherwise when it comes to love, and a need for it in the world. 
Why would I do that? 
The world will teach him about being jaded, 
I'll teach him what I can about a healthy disdain for bad vibes. 

Win Win!

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