Saturday, March 08, 2014

Muscle Memories.


As you can see, I got my hands on some more of those
amazing blankets that they send new babies home from the hospital in.
What can I say? I am a lucky man.
I really am.

All the things that were pertinent bits of information?
Those all stuck around in my brain.
For example, I changed a diaper in my sleep last night.
The evidence of this amazing display were on hand this morning
yet I remember nothing of the actual act.
Probably you can search for it on the internet.
Just Google "amazing moments in fatherhood".

Burger, he was asking me the other day about the specific origins of a super villain named Red Skull.
I was like, look, I know who he is, but I have no clue as to his lineage.
I said, I am really smart, but most of my brain space is occupied by information
on how to be a good dad, and how to take care of my family.
And I also know how to paint nice pictures.
He said "Yeah dad, you're almost an artist!"

The things that we are good at, those are the things we were meant to do.
And if you know what those things are, all the better for you.

Me? It's all still there, despite a few scary hiccups, I still got it.
Me? I'm raising two little boys to be the saviors of humanity.
Me? I am a good guy and I like to laugh.
Me? I'm alright.

And I am not alone.
I got a good team around me.


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