Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby Rock Monster.

Abstraction, abstraction, abstraction. 
I don't know what it means exactly. 
Maybe I should look it up. 
Or maybe not. 
Maybe I know more than I think I do. 
It's happened before. 
I surprise myself
With what I know. 
I think of abstraction as a way to view the world. 
You got your squares, and they see the world a certain way. 
The way they want it to be and how they want us to see it. 
Then you break it apart and put it back together and... 


Oooh, that pisses off the squares something fierce. 
Until it's a painting they can brag about to their pals. 
Then it's not so bad for them. 
Abstraction I mean. 
But again, who even knows 
what that word means anymore?
Not me.
I didn't go to school. 
And when I did, I didn't pay attention. 


If you just focus for a little while on what's going on, 
you're already one step ahead of most of them. 

This new baby, he really does something to me. 
With the Burger I was so concerned about everything, 
because it's easy to get wrapped up in something 
when it's your first time doing something. 
But the second time around, well it's easier. 
The noise and the movements, the far away stares. 
It's all a familiar role for me, which I am told is a saving grace. 
I tell myself that. 
On a daily basis. 

I took a blink and Burger is 6!!
I took a blink and Killroy is 2 weeks!!

It's only a matter of time and he's walking and wrestling and chasing me down. 

It's not so much a second chance, 
because for some reason that sounds like I missed something the first time around. 
No, it's just another opportunity, 
with a cautious reminder to take things slow
 and remember that there is this now,
 this breath, 
this night walk, 
this far away stare, 
this hand holding yours while you move 
willingly into the unknown with a smile on your face 
and the content snores of those you love, 
lulling you into tomorrow. 

Good night. 

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