Friday, March 21, 2014

Make A Break.

I watched the sun come up today.
Or at least, I watched as the sky got lighter.
Same difference.

From where I sit anyway.

Then I turned on the stove and cooked our oats.
The radio was on, and that was nice.
The birds woke up also.

There was an emergency run for Bodega coffee earlier.
The little hot cup of gut rot coffee.
It made walking around aimlessly
a little less aimless.
I mean, I got my coffee.

I have rust in my shoulders and neck.
Sand on the backs of my eyeballs.
Sour tongue.

Someone gave me a special present yesterday.
I'll show you a picture of it sometime.

Now I have to wake the Burger.
That's how early it still is.

The whole day and adventure.


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