Sunday, May 25, 2014


Today I took Burger to the park and we chased a ball around.
I ran, as fast as I could, just for the sake of running as fast as I could.
Arms pumping, heart pounding, aiming straight for Burger and then,
Right past him, veering away at the last second.
His eyes are so big, he is smiling so huge,
like he actually wants me to crash right into him
and take him tumbling to the turf.
He tests everything now.
His growth is as much a fascinating spectacle to him as it is to me.

After a water break I tell him we should run.
We should run as fast as we can towards the end of the field.
He looks off, then he looks at me.
Now we are running, and of course I am faster,
but we both know this is only for now.
He is right on my heels.
Breathing down my back.

I am running to preserve my stamina, speed and strength.
He is running full on into the joy of his physical youth.
With his eyes so big, and a smile so huge.

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