Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will Work For Stars.

I think it is entirely reasonable to expect 
to be able to do one push-up for each year I've been alive. 
This seems like a workable goal. 
I also think that it is entirely reasonable to add a few extras 
for good luck and longevity. 
This is called superstition, but my pecs ain't complaining!
They actually are though 
on account of all the push-ups I've been using them for. 
But it's almost bikini season according to the magazines, and I need to be prepared. 

What do you work for?
What are the things?
Stars? Money? Time?
For me it's a little bit of all of the above. 
For me it's for other people. 
But that's not entirely true,  just sometimes it feels like that. 
But then, not right now, right?
With a cold beer and a hot bath 
and a storm rolling past 
kicking up wind outside.
This is for me. 
And for you. 

We are all for each other and let's leave it at that. 

Maybe you're lucky like me, and you get to spend some quality time in your brain for a few hours ...every other Saturday. 
Maybe that's all it takes sometimes because you appreciate the luck you have. 
The luck of the ability to tap into and explore a creative vein running through the universe. 
The luck of beautiful children to raise and teach and wrestle and love. 
The luck of an understanding partner that stands with you to appreciate the new day. 
The luck of a supportive network of family and friends that give you goals to aim for 
and keep you grounded and focused. 

There is a lot in this world, and we get a tiniest fraction of it if we are lucky in our lives. 

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