Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Like Brudders.

The little one watches the big one.
All the time his eyes are tracking.
That's how he did that corn.

Like a Pro.

It is quite something to behold.
When Burger was born, I didn't know
how to be a Dad yet, and it was all
new territory.

Now I feel a bit more like I staked 
my claim and have been hanging out
for a while and so I am not as anxious
meaning I can play the role of the observer 
more than I could when Burger was a baby.

Speaking of Burger...
-The other day I told him he had to turn the hose off.
He said "I guess you're the God of the hose."

-I found him sitting on the porch looking at the clouds.
He had let himself onto the deck and was sitting and it was early.
He said "Wow, Dad. It's so early the clouds aren't even big yet."

With him starting 1st grade he has discovered his new confidence.
It's as if he took mental stock and began playing to his strengths
that he identified all on his own.
On his own.

There is an alertness in his eyes that is clear and calm.
It is contagious and it fills me with hope.
 Hope for the Little One.

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