Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rat Fur and Man Hair.

This guy.

We were walking to the store and he asks me what kind of fur it is lining his hood.
"Let me look, oh I think that is Rat Fur."
"Rat Fur?"
"Yeah. Wait, did you mean the long fur on the outside?"
"Oh, that is 'Man Hair".
"Man Hair!?"
"Yes, they get it from the barbershops."

Then, as if he is really settling into this idea he says
"Rat Fur and Man Hair!" 
He says it as if he is rubbing his hands across a fine leather sofa.
Like a 'guy could really get used to this' kind of tone.

And this is where I start laughing and he starts laughing.
I told him it was all fake fur but he could joke with people about it if he wanted.
As he scootered away he yelled back over his shoulder
"Good one Dad!"

I thought so.

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