Sunday, March 29, 2015


I just bit into a banana and felt an instant moment of worry 
I was worried that I was eating my son's banana. 
Like I thought it belonged to him. 
Like I should have asked. 
I'm sure he'd appreciate the gesture. 
Even though I bought it. 
And if it weren't for his parents he wouldn't even know what a banana is. 

Then I thought of our trip to the Dominican Republic
And how there was a tiny banana tree outside the...
Anyways it was then that I thought
 maybe growing up on that beach 
wouldn't be the worst thing to do. 

It's nice to be a banana there. 
Unlike here in my house. 
It's no good for a banana here. 
Just confusing

Witnessing the guilt and stress of an 
thirty something year old man 
as he slowly bites you in half. 

I'm sure the bananas in DR just ripen in the sun and 
say what's up to the lizards and mysterious horses. 
They have no idea what just went down in my house. 

Having this new baby, getting used to him is a trip.
A completely new and different personality in the house.
Generally everyone gets along but I can't shake the feeling 
that we are also all still figuring each other out.
I mean, if there is another way to exist, 
I don't know of one.

All you can do is be open, kind and communicative.
And write your names on your bananas.

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