Monday, November 30, 2015

New Paintings

This is what I can say about being a parent, or a dad, whatever you want to call it.


The number one thing I would tell anyone who is about to have a baby?
My advice?
Forget yourself, release your ego, watch it run off into the unknown freedoms that you will never know again because that shit doesn't matter.
There is only the child.
You are unimportant.

This is what I would say to anyone that would ask my advice.
Because this is how I live my life, and this is how I feel I survive.
This is how I feel I succeed.

This may sound dire, or fatalistic.
This may sound like I know how to use fatalistic in a sentence.
But trust me, you need to let go of yourself to succeed in being a parent.
And in doing so, in letting go, you rediscover who you are and most importantly, 
who you want to be.

Twist ending!!

Through children there is rebirth.
There needs to be because look at the world we are leaving for them.

Climate change.
Suicide bombings.

Always war.

If we can't help our children right our wrongs, then we deserve to go away.

If we can't be in the moment with a child, then we have lost something vital.

So be the parent you always wanted.
Be the role model you always needed.
And go forward being the best person you can be.
Because that is all one can do.

I love you guys and I hope you can come see my new paintings in December.
I am doing what I can.

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