Tuesday, August 15, 2006

300 dpi!

well my foot is basically back to normal. the doctor said so. that is good right? i mean, that is at least something good to think about right? i hve to work at the market today. that means probably lots andd lots off slicing the delii meats and cheeses. they save that stuff for me to do because i am new and they think i am still intrigued by the slicer and its one and only function. i am just happy to not be a cashier i guess. it seems like people on vacation are always under the most stress. at least families with children. i see a lot of young couples that are doing fine, seemingly happy and content. i also see a lot of older couples with nothing to say to each other. i wonder how easily you slip iinto those roles? one day you wake up and everything is fine and normal, the world is exactly how you left it. the next morning you are grumpy and beat and you are bitter and you role over and look at your partner and a chill runs down your spine and you take all of your disappointment out on them and anyone else that wants to love you. maybe? are people just scared to do what they really want to do? are they worried that they will be chastised for it? do they not want to try and fail? or do they not even know what it is that they wanted and are angry at their inability to find that thing to give them peace? do you know? i think that i know what those thingss are. maybe that is a mistake to believe that i know what i want, but what is my other option?
tomorrow is the funeral of the man who died on the motorcycle.
i don't think that ii can go because i have to work, but we'll see. maybe i can move things around a bit.
ihave to go get some things printed. i will talk with you soon.

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