Saturday, August 19, 2006

no more energy.

today is my day off. it is raining, and truen is working. normally she has the day off with me, but she is making the big bucks and i can't blame her for wanting to provide me with the extravagant lifestyle that i have become accustomed to in the past few weeks. i think today i will read a book. how fun!
what do you think about magazines? how is it so hard to find a good magazine to read? are they all just filled with advertisements and photos of people that you wish you could be? truen sometimes seems to be obsessed with being famous. being a celebrity. i just don't think that it is probably that great. i found this article about this guy named niggo. he is this japanese "fashion mogul" who is young and so hip that he creates what is going to be hip in the future. can you imagine the power this man has!? if he says that the new look of hip is to just get out of the shower and go to the party in your towel, then THAT is what is hip! don't question me! I AM NIGGO! even his name is hip. but do you know what he did? all he did was appreciate the American hip hop style and sort of import it to japan. is that even fair? he has more money than he ever thought he would see in his lifetime, but for what? and what is he even doing with it? creating new trends and fashions to make you constantly unsure if you are on the cutting edge of what he says is cool? what a fulfilling existence.
the article was full of pictures of his apartment and the things that he filled it with. he has an extensive collection of guitars and exotic automobiles. he also seems to have a lot of record albums. how quaint! what this tells me is that niggo likes things! just like i do! i like things too niggo! maybe sometime niggo could come over to my apartment and he could look at my collection of video game magazines.
is this what the majority of celebrities home's look like? filled with junk? i mean, cool junk, but it is still junk right? this is what they do with their money? what is the point? do you think that any of these people have actual friends or relationships? do you think they are constantly wondering if their friends like them for who they are? i think it sounds like a sad time to be alive. how could you ever be friends with someone like niggo? what do you, boring old you in your efficiency apartment, have in common with niggo? what would you talk about? would he come over to play video games on your little tv? when do you think that the last time niggo got to hang out with someone and that someone treated niggo like a regular dude?
did i just create the ultimate job for myself? i could run a service where i help to ground celebrities. i get called in to bring these bloated egos back down to a realistic level.
i think about the fall of civilization a lot. like, economic collapse, or zombie apocalypse. and in my fantasies i always end up running into a celebrity. somehow in my attempt to escape from our alien invaders i end up in a basement hiding out with michael douglas or donovan mcnab. and in-my fantasy i always take the high road and i never acknowledge how even though they thought they were above the rest of the non celebrities, in the end, it was a normal boring non celebrity that expertly saved them and helped them evade capture. i also act like i never even heard of them. just to mess with their minds a little bit more.
i don't know, it seems to me like we give a lot of these people so much adoration and attention and what do we get in return? everyone that is famous in this country, they are only where they are because of people like you and me, the nobodys. wee pay to see their movies, listen to their music, watch their sitcoms and cheer for their teams. they are rich because of us. and how do they repay us? how do they acknowledge this bizarre relationship that exists? i am really asking. what do they do for us? i don't think anything, but maybe i am missing something.
it is just what i was thinking about on my day off is all.

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