Thursday, September 21, 2006

idea for a life.

Hello! how are you doing? I am sore, my neck and shoulders are sore from sleeping in the tent. The cold air makes the mattresses flatten over night. it is a nice little extra incentive to get out of the tent, along with the brisk cold air and painful need to urinate.
Also, Truen has a cold. But she is getting better, and it's a good thing too because we have a plan that does not include being sick.
We are planning on riding our bikes to New York City. Why? I guess because we can, but also to feel alive.
I think we will make it within a month. Who knows.
There is more about it on my website, you can readd about it there.
anwyays, I just wanted to let you know the plan. I will write more toomorrow, but now the coffee place is closing and I got a date with some chips and salsa. lveomathwe
OH! also, if you happen into the brand new whole foods inn milwaukee, you will notice that those are my drawings on the wall.
in your face picasso!

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