Monday, September 04, 2006

you know you deserve better.

This is an open letter to the "life is good" crowd.

hey, stop rubbing it in. Do you really believe that "life is good"? Do you? I think that if you really thought that you wouldn't need a shirt to remind you of how good life is. Or are you just trying to convince everyone else that you think "life is good"? That would explain the matching "life is good" hat and the "life is good" spare tire cover on the back of your land rover. And let's not forget your life partner's matching "life is good" outfit. I don't think it has ever been acceptable to wear matching outfits, even babies hate it. Even babies can see how ridiculous they look in matching outfits, but not you. And even if you can, you obviously don't care because "life is good".
are you compensating for how un-good you life is? Do you feel betrayed by life? Because here is the thing, I do think that I have good life. I have a loving family and some good friends. I get to swim every day, and I get to breathe fresh air. I don't have to worry about civil war (yet) and I have a nice job. I have a lot of things in my life that I am very thankful for. But I would never wear a shirt to tell people about it. Why would I? What would it accomplish? And what does it mean to the people that are having a much harder time with life? All over the world people have it so much worse than the lowest people in this country, and they still live their lives. I don't think that there is anything about the complexities of life that can be summed up in a stupid sentence on a T-shirt. Well, wait, how about this one, "life ends." how about that? "life is work" how about that one?
I wonder what the creators of this stupid phenomenon do with all of their money? Do they use it to help the mounting numbers of orphans in Iraq? Do they send it to the starving people all over Africa? Do they use it to help stop genocides? Do they use it to help anyone but themselves? Maybe they do. I don't know. But it seems like they wouldn't be any different than the rest of us if we were suddenly covered in money. I can only hope I would do things differently.
I do not believe that life is good". I believe that life is a gift, and it has a lot of bad things that come along with it. And it is up to the individual to determine whether it is good or bad. Right? Doesn't that make more sense than just creating a glossy, corny term and then branding everything in sight to take advantage of all of the people that have a harder life than any T-shirt could ever possibly fix?
think about it.

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  1. sometimes kaitlin and I wear matching outfits and yes babies do hate it.


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