Sunday, September 24, 2006

that goes away.

I was reading an article in Newsweek about possible war scenarios with Iran. It is a sad feeling because I don’t have any say about a war. People say that that is what voting is for, but I don’t believe that there is that much difference between the two parties anymore, and even if there was, with so much corruption, it is hard to believe that you are actually being heard.
They talk with the Iranian president, and he is saying, if we want to do something, we should be able to, no one is telling the United States to stay out of other countries business, so what make the US so great? I agree totally. We don’t have some other country parking their war ships in our harbors “just in case”. He “Iranian President” said that he wrote an extensive letter to president Bush about if the US would just act differently towards the rest of the world, we would have fewer enemies and things would be more peaceful. Again, I agree. By the time I was done with the article, I was thinking that Iranian President seemed to have a pretty good grip on the situation.
When I think of all of the other things in the world that are happening right now, all of the bad things, it makes me feel so helpless, like, even if I had an extra fifty dollars to donate, where would it even go? How do you pick one person over another? It almost seems perverse to pick, like, why do I have that option? Do you think that Americans think about that? I don’t think so, and I can tell you that nowhere is it more apparent than in a tourist town where people piss there money away on the dumbest shit.
The other day, there was a scene from Darfur on the cover of one of the newspapers, and people bought that newspaper, and not one person commented on how sad that situation is. And we sold all of those newspapers, and I had to look at that little orphan over and over again and again. But no one said anything. Perhaps it is hard to care about things that are so far away. We care about Iraq because our men and women are dying over there, but that is the only reason really.
Now I feel preachy. Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring you down.
I will talk with you alter.

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