Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bluff Monster

Hey dude.
It is super hot outside.
I was walking to the train with T and the wind was blowing, hot and dusty.
The sweat on my forehead acted as an adhesive and the dust and debris was sticking to my face, like a mask of garbage.
Then the sweat started to run and wash the garbage mask into my eyes.
The dusty sweat resulted in crusty eyeballs.
When I would blink it sounded like I was crushing corn flakes with my eyelids.

You know what?
I love my job.
How many people get to say that?
I mean, I like all the guys I work with, and I like getting to ride around the city, and I like getting to see all the art, both in the galleries and in the warehouse.
I just really enjoy my job almost 100% of the time.

It makes it hard to think about leaving the city though.
On one hand I have this job that means a lot to me, it is a big reason to want to stay in a place that results in the garbage mask I described earlier.
On the other hand, I have no family here, and I don't get to swim in Lake Michigan and walk in the woods and be by myself in the peace and quiet of Northern Wisconsin.

It is something that I feel very torn over.
But for now I am just thankful that I have the things I enjoy here in New York, and I try to find new things ass often as possible.
It helps when I get homesick, or when I think about the future too much.

I hope all is well, I will talk to you soon.


  1. dear mr.crusty eyeballs, I miss you and I think you are going to be a great dad. I am super happy for you guys.

  2. Hey guys or guy or guy and gal or just hey- I just got of the phone with Truen and all I could muster was
    WOW!!! Any hoo I think you are going to be ROCKIN parents and I love you both and wish you all the goodness in the universe. Wish you were closer.. I would hug you both and probably say-WOW!
    love- brian

  3. Crusty eyeballs. I will warn Emily about this.


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