Friday, August 10, 2007

Bowl of Zingers.

Below is a blog that my wife wrote earlier today.
The funniest part is that I forgot that she voted for that dick head two times.
Before you make any judgement though, it WAS on accident.
... she was in a hurry and is easily frazzled.
Anyways, I think I got the funniest girl in the world.
be good. loveamtehw

Start here: has this thing at the bottom, it says amy's diary. i don't know if you will laugh, but i laughed soooo hard.

also, what about rush hour 3? is that the fucking stupidest shit you've ever heard? it's not cool for jackie chan, you know? he used to be a respectable fellow. i just don't know what to think anymore. it's pathetic. it's like... after i voted for bush the second time, hoping that things would be different... just to be let down so hard, again. it's ironic! because bush has that famous quote about not being burned by a candle twice, and that's just what he did to this country, isn't it.

today i ate 7 hard boiled eggs and a bowl of zingers. it didn't make me feel better, but, it was fun while it lasted.

love truen

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  1. Rush Hour 3. I like what Truen said here, about it not being cool for Jackie Chan. It isn't. That Tucker fellow is beneath him in a multitude of ways.


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