Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bike club, a club made out of bikes

You seen this movie called B.I.K.E. ?
I guess I just don't get it.
I mean, you see these kids right?
And I mean kids like, 20-30 year olds.
And they build bikes.
And they are in these clubs.
And they joust on their bikes.
And they also are a family.

And they drink a lot of beer.
And they do drugs.
And they make art.
And they eat out of dumpsters.
And they don't like the president.

They do a lot of things in this movie.
You know what they don't do?
Make me give a crap about what they are doing.

This could just be the fault of the film maker, and that isn't even true really because it isn't HIS lack of substance.

I feel like, alright, you are doing these things that I think have good intentions, or at least roots in the good intention area.
I never ate out of no dumpster, out of fear of food poisoning and whatnot.
But I can see what they are getting at, we throw away a lot of perfectly good food, and it is wasteful.
So, check.
And they ride bikes which is good for the "environment" and also it helps (in some way I am sure) not contribute to the war we are in.
Again, Check.

But you know where the film loses me and probably everyone else who isn't already turned off by eating out of dumpsters?

When you show how constantly people are drinking and doing drugs, hooting and basically just acting like a bunch of idiots.

They all talk a lot of big talk about being this group, this family, and there is a lot of talk about possible subversive political ideals and things like this.

But how can you possibly think you stand a chance at changing anything when you start off from the get go by saying you are this exclusive group that eats "garbage", drinks lots of beer, smokes lots of weed, tattoos your face and wears dirty clothes?

We are already in a situation where people are divided on so many levels to begin with.
The last thing either side of any issue wants is allegiance with a bunch of these people.

Maybe you just need to see the movie.
Or maybe not.

I can say this, I would be pissed if someone put out a movie about something I believed in, and portrayed my beliefs like this.
It totally undermines everything that they kind of stand for.

So, there you go.
I am starting my own club.
It is called the clean teeth club.


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