Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Oh man, I so sick!
What started as an innocent, mildly sore throat on Saturday night has turned into a
sinus infection/ cough/ sleep deprived, sweat-a-thon that has shaken me to my very core!

My infected core.

I got to go home this morning, and I slept until 2:30 in the afternoon.
Then I crawled to the store for more kleenex.
Then, while I was there, I also bought some chips ahoy cookies.

-what a waste of packaging!-

Then I came home and heated some tomato soup.

While I was waiting for the soup, I checked on my email and there was this small ad for the "internet primary" and it had 8 pictures of 8 old white guys that I guess are running for president.
Or at least president of the internet.
And this ad came up while I was reading bout how screwed Iraq is.
How there is no stability, and how there won't be ANY for a long, long time.
It would require so much work on their part, plus a constant U.S. presence.
And the photo to sum it all up was of an American soldier from the neck down, holding a rifle and in the background were a whole bunch of Iraqi women and children looking sad and scared.
I don't know if he was protecting them or scaring them.

It looks like an awful state of affairs.

And when I was done reading the article, I looked over at the 8 presidential hopefuls.
Maybe it is just me, but none of them look like they want to help anyone.
They all look like they want to be president, but none of them looked trustworthy at all.
What a bunch of tools.

Maybe that is just my fever shitting on the political system.
I got to go lay down now.

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