Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sit on the floor like a REAL human being!

Today was so busy!
But, in an efficient way.
It is so nice to have a busy day, a full day, but also a smooth day.
All in one!

We got no furniture.
Like, we sit on the floor and stuff.
Like real human beings.
Like adults that can make the choices they want to make but that also have a hard time living with them.
The choices we make I mean.

So, anyways, we are getting furniture.
Don't worry.
We just will stack everything on top of itself.
Like a pyramid!

Tomorrow is Christmas break!
Do you know how good it feels to have a job that gives you a Christmas break?

It's like the very best part of school revisited.

T and I are going to WI for the whole time.
I thought I would have a last break by myself, since I never have been away from WI for the Holidays, I thought maybe I would try it out this year. We had been making a bunch of trips home, and I thought we would just stay in New York for Christmas.

Then we got some tickets to WI, and I almost immediately wept with joy.
Inside I was weeping.
Outside I was doing something else that I forgot what it was.

So, now I am excited!
I will shoot guns and burn logs!
I will hike in the cold woods!
I will eat a lot of cookies and things like that.
I will watch a Packer game in WI!
That way I don't have to go to the bar and deal with the Super Fan!

Well, I am excited for another good day tomorrow.
See if you recognize me after my haircut!

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