Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This is why he is the best.

Remember when I was pulling for Will Ferrel to play Brett Favre?
Man, I still think that would be a good match.
I have had some time to reflect, and I guess this is just what happens.
What good would it do to come back?
What would it prove?

I thought that maybe it could be his Elway season, a season to cap the career.
One last year, to build off of last year's momentum, and to pass this young Packer team on to...
Well I don't know to whom he would pass it on, maybe '96 Favre?

That is the thing that gets me, who could ever fill these shoes?
This man brought so much joy to the small north eastern city of Green Bay.
Well, shit.

I especially love it when he says "Take two weeks off and then quit."

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  1. caitlin Oleson8:06 PM

    this.is.AWESOME. i miss him more


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