Friday, July 11, 2008

The house by the train.

Do you guys know Tara?
She will hook you up with some "beads".
Serious, whatever you might need, she has it.
She is an entrepreneur.

She lives in Wisconsin.

We ate breakfast with her last time we were there.

Last week or something.

It was really windy over the water, and it was warm.
And then after we were done with Breakfast, Truen and I went to the dock and jumped in the water.
Race to the water!!!

Cramp! Cramp!!

It is so nice to be there, but it doesn't feel like the place I can be right now.
I started some business out here, and I have to finish it.
With a vengeance!

Oh man, all these words have two spellings and I can't pick the right ones.

I have gone from angry to sad about Brett Favre.
If he goes through with this, he will be destroying his mythic quality in my mind.

Doesn't it just sound cooler, bolder, to just walk away.
To disappear into the woods for years of hunting?
No one sees him for years and years.

I think that sounds better.

Even if he goes on to win the Superb Owl with a different team, it would
be like the biggest F- you to his fan. Me, I am his fan.

What happened?

We went for a walk, Me + Truen + Axel.
We found a dumpster full of dirt and bricks.
So then we went home and got our cart and a milk crate and then went and got the bricks.

Free bricks.

I think that being addicted to soda is about as bad for your body as being addicted to beer.
I mean, maybe not for your liver, but certainly for your kidneys and digestive system.
That stuff ruins your insides.
Oh well, who is to say?


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