Friday, July 11, 2008

T Dubs' Wild Ideas About LIfe.

I was in the car with this kid.
This guy that my brother knows.
This guy named Alex.

I was asking about if he ever thinks about the end of the world, or like, the fall of civilization?
Like the Road?
He was all like, no.

I read that it would be good to have a stash of food.
But then you also would need a gun.
To protect your food and water.

You might want to be the Man and the Boy, but
you could end up being the people in the farmhouse.
Or the people in the basement.

I guess by that point, who cares really.
I mean, you would have to at least realize that there
was no point anymore.

I think another thing that would be good to have is a canoe.
And a slingshot.
Maybe soap.


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