Saturday, July 12, 2008

Come bearing gifts.

Oh my god.
Do you ever read the Fontenote blog that I have a link to on my blog?
It is hilarious.
Insightful also.
They basically predict what is going to happen.
And I love it.

I can't say anything about Brett Favre's Recent decision any better than they can.
SO you should just read their blog instead.

Unless you ant to know what is going on with me.
In which case, don't worry about me.
I am doing alright.
I am better than I was yesterday.

But I am a bit confused over my recent trip to Wisconsin.
How can I go from being comfortable in Brooklyn, enjoying myself even,
to then go visit Wisconsin for 8 days and suddenly be totally homesick
for a place that I thought was behind me... if only for a little bit?

I blame family.
Both of the families.

Also I blame the lake, the quiet, the vastness, the fires, the swimming...

But it is totally an illusion.
I mean, it is fun to be in Door County, and I feel have a soft spot for Racine,
but unless I had something better waiting for me there, a better job, a better home,
it would be all too easy to get the "trapped" feeling that made Truen and I want to
leave in the first place.

I have a lot of things to ponder.

Just like Brett.


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