Friday, August 15, 2008

Delila and Emilio... and Manny.

This is an 8 legged horse that is married to an albino hippopotamus.
They were made by my one of my co workers.
They are named Delila and Emilio.

I think they are pretty great.
I like the way that they are put together.

They make me believe in the human ability.

You show me a robot that would make these, just like this, and then maybe I will believe in the robot ability.

I got to wrap up several paintings today and I made some cardboard covers for them.
It sounds maybe pretty easy.
But you know, it can be difficult.
Especially when you have to work with people that you are not used to yet.

But it is also very rewarding to do when you do a good job.
When things go smoothly.
That is the best.
And it makes me feel like there are still things worth doing.

IT is always god to try.


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