Friday, August 15, 2008

Walking still.

Oh my lord.
YOu know the cookie guy?
The man that mysteriously appeared and left cookies on Fridays?
He got fired!
I mean, he is no longer showing up and leaving me cookies.
So what else could it be?
You tell me!!!

Oh my lord!
Brett Favre?
Does he not look way super older with the Jets helmet on?
I think he does.
And he will never get the love he got in Green Bay.
Not in this hell hole.

People make mistakes, what can I say?
I mean, this is obviously a mistake.
It doesn't mean he will play poorly, or that he deserves to have a losing season.
I am very much excited to see him play again.
But this is just a sad feeling for me.
You know how it is right?
Go Brett!

But really, GO PACK!
No one is bigger than the team.

Oh man, you know things are getting worse right?
In the world?

Russia and Georgia and Iran and China and North Korea...

DO you ever wish that the internet was not an actual thing?
DO you feel like it is ruining things?
Like, music and movies and quality of life?

Well, I think that sometimes.
I think a lot of things.
But only occasionally.


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