Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Fry Monger.

I was thinking about how things can start to look like you are always being ruled by fear.
There is always stuff to be scared by.
It seems like there is always someone profiting also.
I don't want to be a Fear Monger.
Who can be proud of that?

And what would your Mom think of you?

Speaking of Moms, mine is recovering from double knee replacement surgery.
She is doing well, but it hurts.
Who would have thought?
I remember after I had a surgery on my jaw, I had to eat full liquid diet for almost 2 months.
By the end I was abel to eat pancakes.

I think that is why I love pancakes so much now...

Anyways, for some reason, before Axel was born, Truen and I started to refer to our parents as Meemaw and Peepaw.
It sounded old timey and quaint.
But my Mom hates it.
But it is only temporary I told her.
Wait until he can speak!

The thing is that I forget she doesn't like it, and then I refer to her as Meemaw for some reason
and then she has to remind me again.

Who ever said parenting was easy!?

It is not raining, but it sounds like it is.

be well, lvoemathew

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