Friday, May 01, 2009

Chubby Grip.

Truen had to go to a doctors appointment today.
Axeman had to go to the dentist.
So Flounder had to take some time off in order to accommodate.
And as per usual when the Kirk Family wants to get some things done, the Universal Force steps in and fucks it all up.

Or it is watching out for us, who knows?

Maybe if I had been at work today, a crate would have fallen on my foot, or I would have gotten a really bad splinter.
And besides, I got to hold the boy a lot, and he was really good and took good naps and ate his whole grilled cheese.
In fact right now he is sitting on the floor rubbing the broom on the floor and laughing, perfectly content.

For Truen, things were worse and I don't know which way to shift the focus in order to make light of her day.
She is on her own journey there.
I wish that there were things to say to help her out, but I usually stick my foot in my mouth and tell her what I would have done in her situation.
I know, it sounds very helpful right?
But it makes for some bad vibes.

So I am going to try super hard to not say a word.
I will communicate with blinks and subtle sighs and grunts.

I hope all is well.

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