Friday, July 03, 2009

New York can suck it!

I am only sort of kidding about that, just sometimes can New York suck it.
You might hate it a lot for a while, but then you see something that makes you feel alright.
Like this graffiti that I saw yesterday.
It is on Morgan Ave, near the lunch truck.
How great!

But then there are the things like Truen's Medicaid BS.
Or the occasional unhelpful or rude person.
The people speeding through a yellow light.
The cars blasting Spanish music right at your baby's face.
Clouds of exhaust when you are riding your bike.

I guess it is all big city stuff in general.
That stuff can get me down pretty quick.

But then you see something like a cock and balls, two boobs and a vagina/butthole combo that just makes your day.

3 day weekend dammit!
I hope you and yours are well.


Also, I have a longer post about divorce, but that has to wait.

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