Thursday, March 04, 2010

Action Must Be Taken.

I am in a rut.
I had to call in this tow truck to pull me out of it.
To pull me out of my current rut that I am in.

I was banished from work.
Can you believe that shit?
I had a pretty gross cold last week and tried to call in sick.
Can you believe that they said "No"!?
Well that is what they said and do you know what I did?
I soldiered on, went to work and did a pretty bang up job.
Two late nights, one huge snow storm, and a day full of a shit load of crates.
High Five to myself!

Then this week I got sick again.
This was a stomach type of sick that had me puking all over myself from both ends.
So you know what I did?
I called in sick is what I did.
And do you know what they told me to do?
Take the rest of the week off without pay.
I have been banished from the land!

What do I expect?
This would be one of those moments that my Mom may or may not have been talking about when she was encouraging me to go to school to get a more legitimate job. But then again judging from the sounds of her bosses and upper management, it might just be the same across the board.

The thing is that I was very sick, it was a 24 hour type bug, but it bit me hard.
And even though I know it is busy at work, what could I do!?

So here I am at home.
I feel so angry and powerless.
I am sure this is The Universal Force urging me to get a stronger foothold in the job market.
That is to say, I should move on and toss a burning match on my way out.
But I like my job.
You guys know that, I am sure I have mentioned this before somewhere in here before.
But working for such hard headed bullies, man, this shit is for the birds.

I will ask you again, can you believe this shit!?
A grown ass man like myself being bullied around for being sick?

The silver lining here would be that I get to spend some rare, quality time with the boy... Just He and I.
And I am working in the garage after a week and a half of being sick.
So these are the good things, and there are many, many more.
I know this.
And it would be silly to let something like this current work debacle get in the way of me being thankful for all of the great things in my life, because in the grand scheme of things this is just a job. A job is all it is, and I am capable of finding a different one if push comes to shove.

I will look back on this soon and laugh.

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