Thursday, March 04, 2010


Do me a favor and look at my posts from June.
It can be 2008 OR 2009 because they are equally hilarious to me right now!

I am drunk.
Well, I am tipsy.
I had a glass of wine on a semi empty stomach and I feel GREAT!
Give me a problem and see if I care.
What I mean to say is, give me a problem and I will give you two turds.
Because THAT is how I feel about stuff right now.

F those guys.
That might be the only job for them, but I am smarter than that and I can figure something else out... if need be.

Life is great!
What do I have to complain about that I didn't already cover in the "work" section?

The future does not exist.
It is unwritten and therefore inconsequential, meaning you can't worry about the unknown.

Oh man! I am on a roll, I love you guys and I hope all is well.
I have had a great extended weekend so far and it only stands to get better from here.
I got my buddy Caitlin's Birthday coming up, and a date with T-Dubs in the afternoon tomorrow.


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