Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hot Bowl O' Perspective.

Oh my bros, I don't know where to start or where to begin.
I had my trip back home to Wisconsin.
Some people call it 'Sconny, and those people should be punished for that.
I got to go back all by myself, or so I thought.
Turns out Burger was secreted away in my carry on bag, and by the time I found out they had already closed the doors to the plane.
I was equal parts upset and amazed.
I got to see my family, and I got to go into a swimming pool with my boy.
I got a flashy new blue windbreaker.
Then I went to a sermon at my Mom's church and I felt guilty for getting the new flashy windbreaker.
Only mildly guilty though since technically it was on it's way to a landfill.

On to other news, what a terribly sad thing that is happening with this oil spill huh?
We have to just sit back and watch these huge companies rape the earth, brutally rape the earth.
I guess we can blame the oil companies, but those companies are made up of people, and those people are killing us all.
Or at least they are trying to.
And what is at stake for them?
Less than record profits? They act like they are doing this to help us be less dependent on foreign oil but that is such a fucking joke. They are just doing this for money, more money than any group of people actually needs. These types of people are the absolute worst and they get away with this shit over and over again.
And what can we do about it?

Mankind will kill itself off, and these people are getting the job started.

Well, anyways, moving on, I drew this picture a long time ago, in a different life.
And I happened to see it hanging in a house in Bayview, WI.
Can you believe that!?
Tis a wonder.

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