Sunday, May 02, 2010

That's the one!

So Little Mamma has been setting goals for "sherself" and I got to thinking "why don't I try that?"
And that is why I decided to set the goal of leaving for work on time without rushing dangerously through the kitchen throwing a bunch of "ingredients" into a sammy and racing out the door with only one shoe.
So that is what I intend to do darn-it.
I am going to prepare my tomorrow... today!!!

I had such a nice time today without the balls and chains that I normally am sporting around town.
I went for a bike ride, got a cup of coffee in an actual mug so's not to have excess g'bage weighing down on my conscience.
I rode across the bridge to the city, and got some bike detergent.
I also went by the convent at which there is currently an art show that I am in, and I took some pictures.
you may find info about it here:
Art+Auction: In the Air
Art+Auction: In the Air
- Hell, No! Do Please Go! (To See Our Show)

And then I came home to a mildly sick child playing in the yard without any pants on.
It was a very pleasant day.
thanks, goodnight.

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