Friday, May 07, 2010

There in spirit.

Me and this nerd been together so long, I forgot what it was like to be the dumbass I was before I met her!
May we all say a silent prayer, or light a candle... silently, send positive energy and good thoughts, anything you can spare to the efforts underway to cap off the catastrophic oil explosion in the gulf.
I know it is something like, 18 days too late, but you know how the saying goes
"You can't build a 4 story, 100 ton cement and steel dome in under 15 days."
Whoever came up with that saying, I bet they are wishing they put that on a bumper sticker or a T shirt or something.

I hope you are well, I been sick as hell, but I am getting better.
So please, send your prayers to the gushing oil well a mile beneath the surface of the ocean and not to the gushing well of mucus and tears pouring forth from my face.

good night!

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