Monday, August 09, 2010

Infinite Watering Can.

So maybe you have seen this, and if you have and were not brought to tears by it's awesomeness then you do not belong here.
Then again, maybe you were not moved because you are not a father and don't have the cognitive capacity to appreciate it's awesomeness in which case, maybe some day you will understand and I am sorry for biting your head off.
Bageezus Christmas! What a spectacular spectacle!
It deserves your attention throughout it's entirety, but after you watch it once, skip to about 6:20 into it and prepare yourself for a treat.

I like to think that he points the stick at the camera in a moment of complete spontaneity.
It melts my heart.
His little heart must be beating so fast, he could probably pump mud into the gulf hole.

As I watch this I know that he did not just wake up one morning and shred.
And I can't believe that he is the result of overbearing, forceful parents.
I don't want to believe those things anyway.
I mean, you can see the joy in his face.
That is the look of a person doing something they were meant to be able to do and excel at.
What a marvelous feeling for him at such a young age.
If you can get that taste when you are little, and you can harness that feeling, you could go ANYWHERE with that positivity.

The Burger, well, what can I say about that guy?
He is no drum prodigy, yet.
And maybe he won't even ever be a prodigy in the sense that this little boy is.
But he is happy, and has a life lust that I can't always muster.
And he spreads his happiness, which is, I think, a very valuable life tool.
He has that positivity, and I can nurture that.

It is hard to imagine the people that want to smother that positivity, or bend it to their own whims.

Not me though.
Not this guy right here.
The Burger is the eager sprout and I am the infinite watering can.
Only time will tell what kinds of adventures the Universe will throw at us.
As long as there are some amazing drum solos, I am down.

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